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a frog the size of texas

February 21st, 2007

04:16 pm - setup details, to-do

cut for boring, posted here as a reminder to myself for tomorrowCollapse )


1) The world's most important poll - which Disney characters would you tap?

2) As I was walking through Target after work with the last song from the iPod I'd listened to stuck in my head, it struck me that I was rather glad I am not the sort of person who would absent-mindedly hum or sing whatever song was going through my mind. Breaking out into "Springtime for Hitler" would be a tad embarrassing, to say the least.*

* Sung by John Barrowman. And for anyone unfamiliar with that, it's from The Producers, where producers trying to scam a bunch of money on Broadway deliberately find the worst show ever in order that they create a flop, for plot reasons. They find someone who's written a musical called Springtime for Hitler, of which this is the title song.
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