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a frog the size of texas

February 24th, 2007

12:21 am - WHAT??



Also, I'm at ConDFW.  The art show got up, my feet are in incredible pain, and I'm about to crash.  But I thought I'd post and say I WENT TO THE KODO DRUMMERS AND YOU DIDN'T.

They're a taiko group that does mostly contemporary drumming works.  If you google them, you'll find trhe webpage that talks about their workshop.  They do all sorts of drums and the occasional thing like flute or koto or samisen.  You have to be in incredible shape to do a show with these drums: especially the two guys who drum for about fifteen minutes <s>dressed only in loincloths</s> on the big 4-foot-diameter drum, then jump off the platform and go drum for another 10 minutes on smaller drums that sit on the floor, and the player sites with a foot on either side of them and then <i>leans back at a 45 degree angle to play.</I>  Abs of the gods, indeed.

The last time I saw them, duinring 2002 or 2003, they came out into the lobby after the show and played a bit there, but they didn't do it this time.

OK, time to get offline and crash.  The art show opens at 11, but I need to be there at 11 for a few stragglers to hang their art.  Whee.
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