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a frog the size of texas

March 1st, 2007

07:34 pm - A phone call you really don't want to get at work...

Today at about 4:15, when I was trying to desperately get the minutes of a meeting written up and distributed so I could leave early, I got a phone call from my apartment complex. She started off with "The person in the apartment above you left water running all day..." and my first thought was of the not one, but TWO of you yahoos who've had your bathroom ceilings collapse this year due to leaks. Luckily, my bathroom ceiling is intact, but I can't say the same for the paint on my walls and my carpet. They ripped out the carpet padding and shampooed the rug in those areas today, and will be bringing in painters for the walls tomorrow (I can't see where these GINORMOUS DAMP SPOTS will be dry by tomorrow, but I'll see what happens), and once the carpet dries they'll replace the padding.

The cat is, naturally, thoroughly weirded out. Luckily, for me, not her, the vet's office called to remind me that her shots were due, so she's going to the vet early tomorrow morning to stay there while workmen trample in and out of the apartment all day and will be picked up in the evening. I am hoping the carpet-padding people help me put my furniture back in place because I can't lift the pieces they moved by myself, but if they don't, I think it's the least the complex can do and will be asking them for help.

I went and asked the details of what happened at the office, and it turns out the guy above me flushed and left for work without realizing that the toilet was OVERFLOWING and it overflowed aaaaaaaall day until he got home in the afternoon. I've got big wet patches on several of my walls and over parts of the ceiling, and of course wet carpet without padding. I spent some time thoroughly documenting it with my camera, in case I need it for future reference, like if they try to charge me for damage when I eventually move out.

Damage to my possessions so far seems to be limited to the child's kimono that rachelmanija picked up for me at a Japanese flea market, and to the crappy fiberboard back of a dresser that cost all of a hundred bucks at Target. Nothing worth putting an insurance claim on, that's for sure. So far.

And now YOU can also see the damageCollapse )

The most ironic thing? My bathroom is perfectly undamaged, as far as I can tell. I guess the linoleum/vinyl/whatever flooring in this bathroom shunted the water out into the hall and living room.
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