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a frog the size of texas

March 2nd, 2007

12:09 pm

NINJA RESTAURANT!! (via tammylee)


The carpet guy came by and vacuumed up a bit more moisture and left a big fan and said he'd be back on Monday to replace the padding. He also mentioned that the walls and carpet were drying faster than he expected - I can see that the walls are drying pretty quickly, too. Probably has to do with me leaving the fans on all night long, and keeping all the windows and doors open today. :) The carpet guy also said that I could turn the fan down or turn it off at night, and I'm going to leave it on full blast, since I think it'll help things dry faster.

I did discover one more piece of damage - the DVD case for Harry Potter IV that the boy and I rented Sunday night after the con is all damp inside. If Blockbuster charges me for it, I shall present the bill to the apartment complex.

09:31 pm - New haircut!

Got my color re-done and my hair cut. It's still in the same sort of vein, but the back is a heck of a lot shorter now.

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09:50 pm - Oh good god.

One of my RL/LJ/DA friends has been accused of art theft. Why? Because she drew ... a blue tiger with silver wings. The accuser has a character that is a blue tiger with silver wings and is apparently under the impression that nobody else in the entire universe would be capable of thinking of the concept of a blue tiger with silver wings without having come across it before.

Not linking to any of it, to honor my friend's wish not to cause more drama. Just posting about it because I feel like bitching.
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