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a frog the size of texas

March 16th, 2007

09:08 am

The Downfall of your Fandom meme. Which, ironically, is ABSOLUTELY TRUE and therefore contains spoilers for Death Note, because that's what makes it funny, so don't click unless you've either finished DN or given up on it in disgust.

Read more...Collapse )

08:29 pm

20 min., 3.5 mi.
Total: 191.8 mi. Still in the Marshes. And not too happy about it.

OTOH, the scale this morning revealed I have officially lost cut for dramatic purposesCollapse )

09:17 pm

oyceter, why the hell did you have to go and link to that cherry blossom yarn sale in your LJ? Now I've managed to find the first knitted thing that I would actually wear, and I don't bloody have the time to learn to knit! Phooey on you! Steven Fry admonishes you! and how totally awesome would that be in this color?
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