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a frog the size of texas

March 22nd, 2007

08:16 am

I've had two pairs of jeans that I haven't worn since last summer, or maybe earlier (I can't remember exactly when I last wore them) that had been retired to the bottom drawer of my dresser, in the hopes that one day I'd be able to wear them again. I hadn't tried them on because I was afraid they'd be still too tight and I'd feel awful. But this morning, when confronted with the fact that the only clean pair of jeans was the pair that had been too big for me the day I bought them* I said what the hell and tried one pair of them on.

They're slightly too loose on me. XD I finally feel that I've lost weight. Next goal: get into the shirt I bought in England in 2003 (right before I hurt my back and my activity level dropped, thus spurring a weight gain) that I hadn't given away to goodwill because I liked it too much and kept in the vague hope that I'd lose weight.

I shall probably celebrate by having a Schlotsky's sandwich for lunch. Mostly because I've had a hard time meeting my calorie target the past 3 or 4 days and I think I need to start eating more at lunch instead of having my biggest meal at dinner.

I also tested my aerobic capacity by going up two flights of stairs to the staff break room instead of taking the elevator. Results: still lousy (I was huffing and puffing for quite a while afterward), but slightly better than usual, because my legs didn't burn quite so badly as normal (it's usually amazingly hard to take those last few steps). I also have put "get re-evaluated for exercise-induced asthma" on my List of Things to Do before going to Japan, because I think part of my huffing and puffing and coughing originated from my throat and lungs and not my general lack of conditioning. I was diagnosed with possible exercise-induced asthma about 5 years ago when I was in karate, but I never quite figured out whether it was due to asthma or the combination of out-of-shape and being worked to exhaustion every class. I think I shall attempt to force myself to go up the stairs every day and see if it changes or stays the same.

* They fit just fine in the store, but when I wore them after that, they stretched out enough to be too loose.

08:47 pm

20 min, 3.9 mi.
Total: 211.6 Camping by a stream.

10:27 pm

Today's fat content: OFF THE CHART!! Really: the little bar that CalorieKing fills up as you eat grams of fat is completely full and bright, shrieking red. Muahahahahahaaaa! But it's the first time in four days I managed to hit my calorie target, in fact managed to go over by a little bit, so I am not complaining. One of my future goals is to reduce the amount of fat in my diet, but I'm not going to worry to much about that yet, as I have no immediate health concern, because I think it would just be too much to add at this point (I'm having a hard time just trying to get a weights workout in more than once a week as is).

Tomorrow's lunch is looking much healthier, though:Read more...Collapse )

And I have a new scanner! But not a working ew scanner, because I have to pop off my computer's cover and install the SCSI card before I can hook it up, and I decided I'd already had too much excitement for one evening. You would not believe the number of pacing peanuts* I have all over my floor at the moment.

* My family always called them "bookworms."
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