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a frog the size of texas

March 28th, 2007

01:19 pm - Hank the Cardinal's successor.

Those of you who've been around for some time may remember several posts I made back in the Dark Ages (1995ish) about a fierce little cardinal living in the bushes outside my window at work. I'd link to them, but it was before tagging and I'm not up to paging through miles and miles of piffle to find them. I called this cardinal Hank. I work in the basement of the library, which is only partly underground such that our windows, about four feet above the floor, are just about at ground level. The view outside my window is a glorious one of some bushes, the back of the brick enclosure that hides the dumpster from view, and a parking space. For several weeks, Hank lived in the bushes right outside the window, and he fought the good fight against his evil rival cardinal in the window. He spent hours doing this.

The head of Housekeeping used to park in the parking space outside the window, and one day she came to work in a new, bright, shiny, red truck. Now, cardinals' brains aren't all that big, and it seems they're wired to respond to "red" as "other cardinal." And oh, this was a rival to beat all rivals for Hank! Thereafter, Hank divided his time between the puny rival in the window, and this huge new rival in the parking space. We watched him out there, fluttering at it for hours on end, sitting on the rearview mirror to catch his breath, and then attacking anew. He did quite a lot of damage to the finish on that side of the truck with his beak and claws, too. And I'm sure that every day at 3 PM, when the head of Housekeeping got into her shiny red truck and drove away, that Hank's heart near to burst with pride at his fierceness and ability to drive this hated rival away!

Alas, Hank moved on to pastures and rivals new at the end of the season and has been seen no more, and the head of Housekeeping no longer parks here: the school now uses it to park one of the golf carts that Grounds and Maintenance and Housekeeping uses to get around.

However, in the past two days it seems that a successor of his has appeared. There is a Robin of Very Little Brain, who looks like a Marvin to me, who has taken to periodically sitting on the roof of the golf cart, studying the window intently. Marvin does this for a while, then takes off and attempts to fly to one of the trees he can see in the window. He's not fighting, so I think he is not too concerned with the robin in the window, and he's not flying at it very hard, he's just trying to get to that other place, just the other side of the window, where the trees are greener and the water is sweeter and the worms are fat and juicy. His peaceful intentions are made manifest by twice today attempting to fly into the Other Place with a beakful of nesting material.

He may, one day, find the way into the Other Place. I rather hope he does.

06:34 pm

20 min., 3.9 mi. total: 225.7. Closer to the Weather Hills, but still cold and frosty.

11:04 pm - lunch musings

I just made my lunch for tomorrow - 2/3 of a can of blackeyed peas*, and the two smaller containers of the bento filled with carrot chips and cucumbers. I put it into CalorieKing tonight and it was a whopping 250 calories total. That keeps looking too small to me. XD But I'll be grabbing something as per usual about 2:30-3:00 from the Bistro downstairs, because it doesn't matter how much I eat at noon, I'm starving by the middle of the afternoon. Diving my meals up into several small ones over the course of the day works a lot better for me. Of course on the days that lunch is 250ish cal, like it was on Wednesday, it's damn hard to make up the rest in the evening. Ah well.

* Which must be using liquid weight instead of dry weight for their measurements - they say on the can that 1/2 c is a serving, and that there's "about" 3.5 servings in the can. Well, if you assume that "about" means "nowhere near," then yes: there were exactly 3 1/2 cup servings in there.

Mind you I just realized I drained out the water first, so they must be counting that into their servings.
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