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a frog the size of texas

March 29th, 2007

06:26 pm

40 min., 7.1 mi. Total: 232.8. Camped in the Weather Hills, now heading on towards Weathertop on a cunningly hidden path, listening to Sam bang on about Gil-galad.

And from Calorie King, after I put in the exercise calories (340): You have used 197 calories from your Daily Calorie Target of 1600 calories and have 1403 calories remaining.


10:54 pm - Woo!

To take a break from refining thumbnails, I just did a test to see how well my new scanner would work if I inked over blue lines and then scanned. And ya know what? It did great. :) Scanning on B&W, with the threshold tweaked a little bit, it picked up only my black lines. Woo!

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