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a frog the size of texas

April 1st, 2007

11:36 am - Posted using TxtLJ (http://www.livejournal.com/manage/sms/)

Still no internet! Help meeeee!!!

07:13 pm


08:36 pm - What I was up to this weekend...

...when I had NO INTERNET. The boy was in town so sorry, rachelmanija, not Spindrift got done. Went to dinner with his family on Friday night, got stormed on, came home to find OMG NO INTERNET. Woke up Saturday morning, still OMG NO INTERNET. Went to a wedding, then to Ikea, came home ... OMG STILL NO INTERNET. This was the point I started texting LJ to ease the withdrawal symptoms. Went to dinner, came back, NO INTERNET. This was the point when it became absolutely critical for both of us, because Season 3 of Doctor Who premiered Saturday and ... it was like being in the dark ages of the 20th century! We put furniture together with much language, and checked often, but still no internet. Sunday morning, no internet. We watched the second half of Kung Fu Hustle, the first half of which we'd watched Friday, then ... the miracle occurred! The Internet was back! So I set Bittorrent to suck down DW, we went to lunch, then came back and ... yes! The Internet was still here! And so was Doctor Who! So we watched it, and then eventually I took the boy to the airport and now I'm back home.

And I bring kittyspam and plague rat spam!

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08:53 pm - The wedding

Forgot to say anything about the wedding I went to in the previous entry.

It was the first wedding I've ever been to with karaoke. Instead of their first dance together as man and wife, the bride and groom sang their first song together, and then various members of the audience eventually sang. The ceremony itself was held outside a restaurant in downtown Dallas, on a plaza that had many fountains. It had enough fountains and spindly trees that you could film a pretty cool HK-type kick flick there with lots of impressive wire work. It was also very very windy outside and various bits of decoration kept working loose, and nobody's hair - except for the bride's, which was apparently pinned very tightly - was attractive afterwards. :) The reception was held inside the restaurant, in their sort of garden room.

The bride's family is Chinese, so there were small Chinese touches worked in here and there, from good-luck red colors in the decorations, to paper umbrellas and paper lanterns hanging from the ceilings, to the wish trees - they gave everyone cards and pens and had us write advice or wishes or draw pictures on them and then tied them to a couple of small trees. Other touches that made this wedding unique involved the karaoke I mentioned before, the bride and groom exchanging their Aggie rings instead of regular wedding rings*, there was no alcohol and instead the toasts were made using your choice of Ramune, Dublin Dr Pepper, or Mexican Coke**, and during the garter toss, when the groom removed the garter from the bride's leg, it was revealed that she had a small dagger strapped to it.***

* Both graduates of Texas A&M, where students are known as Aggies. The Aggie Ring is worn by most graduates with a lot of pride. I fully expect they are not the first couple by a long shot to use their Aggie rings as wedding rings.

** Dublin Dr Pepper and Mexican Coke are Dr Pepper and Coke made with real sugar and not corn syrup. You can get both in a couple of specialty stores near Dallas - the Dr Pepper is made in Dublin, TX, and the Coke is made in, obviously, Mexico.

*** Removed during the actual toss, but given to the guy who caught the garter.
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