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a frog the size of texas

April 5th, 2007

09:21 am - Hosting

I'm going to be going back and answering everyone who asked for hosting individually (well, and pointing them here) over the next day or two. :) I didn't start last night because I ended up with a migraine that's still sort of nagging at me, so I focused on inking and being antisocial instead.

What you'll need to give me, if you want hosting...Collapse )

09:40 am - And now...

The answer to yesterday's poll about the mysterious package from Japan is ...

Cut for dramatic suspense...Collapse )

10:34 am - Yo, octopedingenue!

janni has some thoughts on the ending of Princess Tutu (spoilery), spurred by shetterly's thoughts on Tutu (non-spoilery).

08:35 pm

60 min. 10.8 mi. Total: 255.8. Crossed the Great East Road, heading into thickets.

Oh, man my butt's numb. But I watched Top Design and half of Mythbusters with no guilt. :)
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