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a frog the size of texas

April 8th, 2007

05:58 pm

25 minutes, 4.7 mi. 269 total. Second day out from Weathertop. Nothing of import to note.

09:20 pm - Mini turkey shepherd's pie

Putting the recipe here because it's really sad that if I don't blog it, I'll lose track of it. Adapted from one found online, because I bought a whole roasted turkey breast on sale for $4 at the store. :D (The best time to shop for pre-prepared foods appears to be the evening before Easter; there were lots of things on sale.)

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09:58 pm - Mini turkey shepherd's pie and kittyspam

Report on the mini shepherd's pies in the previous post: most excellent. I may cut down the Worcestershire sauce a wee bit, and increase the chicken broth so there's a bit more gravy-like stuff, but overall, worth doing. I'm going to freeze two and see how the potatoes survive freezing and being defrosted. :)

Pictures of the mini shepherd's pies and my cat! Only not at the same time!Collapse )
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