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a frog the size of texas

April 10th, 2007

06:48 pm

30 min. 5.5 mi. Total: 278.2 Almost at the next camp. Still dull.

Still at tension level 4, which means that for the last eight minutes, the muscles that run from my butt down the upper part of the back of my leg were screaming. XD

11:25 pm - Recently, at Camp Telophase...

1. Have sore shoulders from push-ups last night. Am ok with this.

2. Am in that Special Place as regards art for the inking on this project, which means I am utterly convinced it is complete crap, but I am ok with it because I no longer care. Artists will understand. (Have inked 11 pages so far.)

3. The temperature is warming up, and thus the cat is venturing away from her heating pad for longer then five minutes at a time, and is ok with this.

4. Saiyuki Reload 7 is in the Borders that is near my place of work, and thus have plans to not bring my lunch tomorrow, but to go to the bookstore during lunch. Am very, very ok with this.

5. The mail yesterday brought me ursulav's first published novel, Black Dogs: The House of Diamond, which is part 1 of a two-part fantasy story. I read it last night and today, finishing it. I liked it a lot - it's a first novel and there's a few spots that are a bit clunky - a couple of abrupt shifts in point-of-view, mostly, when I was reading along assuming I was in tight-third and all of a sudden the thoughts of another character intruded. But it wasn't enough to throw me more than momentarily. I know she wrote this a couple of years ago, and I've read snippets she's posted of current works in progress on her LJ, so I know she's gotten even better since, which means I will be eagerly looking forward to future books.

I won't summarize or blurb it, since you can read that on the Sofawolf website I linked to. The short version of my review is: she handed me exactly what I've been craving for a while, which is a reasonably standard fantasy novel, with a few unique touches and a concentration on character, with a good helping of what rachelmanija calls Cool Bits for me - little things here and there that are definite Yes! when I read them. I'm not going to be nominating it for any awards, but it's going to be something better - a comfort read that will get re-read many times. :) Now if only 2008 would get here so I can find out how the story ends...

6. There is nothing more annoying than being 30 pages from the end of part 1 of the Mahabharata and realizing you left the damn thing at work. At least Amazon delivered part 2 today.

7. Have received from the National Archives and Records Administration the Confederate Army records of a direct ancestor of mine, name of Joseph Folse, who served, along with his brother Norbert, in the Lafourche Regiment of the Louisiana Militia in 1862. His was a singularly undistinguished military career, which seems to have been entirely getting sworn in, the going into battle and promptly getting captured. with no record of what happened to him afterwards, not even a formal discharge. Mom and I are convinced that he and his brother realized after getting captured that the army isn't all shiny buttons and medals and girls swooning at the sight of sharp uniforms, said "Blow this for a game of soldiers," and scarpered off home after being paroled. Which sounds, we believe, like he's definitely a relative. If I remember, I'll scan his records so you can see just how undistinguished he was.

8. Am going to bed now. Am ok with that.
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