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a frog the size of texas

April 22nd, 2007

02:19 am - ugh

Spent most of the day scanning, cleaning up (which often means 'redrawing,' otherwise I'd get someone else to do it :D), sending off, then converting detailed thumbnails of the next pages into inkable pencils, printing, and starting to ink again. And spent two frickin' hours inking a thangka painting* and the interior of a wooden building. Aarg! OTOH it may actually be a convincing interior of a wooden building, made all the more impressive because I totally eyeballed the perspective on it.

rachelmanija, I ahve not scanned the page with the thangka painting on it because my scanner needs to be turned on before I turn the computer on (it's a SCSI thing), which means I need to waste ten minutes of my night by rebooting and I don't like you that much.

I'm going to bed and I HOPE that I can get the four pencils I've got printed out inked before I go to work tomorrow night. Yup, this is a weekend at the ref desk for me: 5-10PM. :P (And I bloody have to get up and be at work by 9AM for another ref desk shift on Monday! Unfair!)

* Google is your friend.

09:36 am

20 min. 3.7 mi. Total: 322.3 mi. Valley. Still.

Oh, man, suffering some sort of 24-hour bug on Friday does wonderful things for your weight on Saturday, but not so much on Sunday after you've spent Saturday rehydrating and eating. :D

09:03 pm - Spindrift preview and tutorial!

While inking a page earlier today, I took pictures of the process and during my off time at the ref desk tonight wrote up a tutorial following the process I've been using while inking Spindrift. It's posted over on the PandaBuddha Manga page, and you can get a preview of a page you haven't seen yet, plus ogle the MOSTLY-NAKED MAN in the tutorial.

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