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a frog the size of texas

April 24th, 2007

08:35 am - memeage

Which Saiyuki heron am I?*

Is anyone surprised?Collapse )

* I liked the typo, so I left it.

06:26 pm

40 min., 7 mi., 329.3 total. Stiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiill in the valley!

Did 40 min today, after skipping yesterday because of serious emo breakdown over printing companies (which you really don't want to hear about, trust me), which ended up on a positive note as I (a) found my tax permit, which had been seriously bothering me for some time and (b) thanks to a tip from tammylee, found a printing company that seems responsive, professional, quick, and quality. CAN IT REALLY BE???
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A-Kon's in a bit over a month's time, and I'm starting to get ready for it. Besides Spindrift and the 3rd edition of Project Blue Rose, I need to figure out what else to draw for it. I may steal an idea from the_z and make up some keychains and/or magnets. If I do so, I need to know what I ought to put on them So ... a poll!

Feel free to expand on ideas in the comments - if you've got pose ideas or whatnot. Anything and everything helps!

The usual Telophase sort of pollCollapse )
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