April 30th, 2007

Kougaiji - something smells


Anyone out there want to split an imp pack of the Salon III (way near the bottom) scents with me? It's $82 total, so half of that plus a wee bit extra to cover supplies & postage - $45. :)

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mugen - nosepicking

Someone Who Suffers Stoically In An Attic

ALL RIGHT, THEN. Who here remembers rachelmanija's post of last June entitled "Writing by Cool Bit"?

In it, she mentions the essay she wrote to include in Project Blue Rose,
which is mostly about shame and shamelessness, but also explains how the story is basically a patchwork of elements and images which I thought were cool or sexy or touching.
She goes on to ask: What are your cool bits? What are the themes and stories and images and moments that you love to see?

A number of people replied with long lists of their favorite cool bits and narrative kinks, and I threatened to use dragonscholar's random-generator script to come up with a Random Cool Bits Story Generator.

And now I finally have. It's got over 500 individual Cool Bits I pulled from the comments in the post. As with all random generators, it produces a lot of misses, a few hits, a few hysterically funny elements ... and some things that you could swear you'd read in a manga or fic. Take it with a grain of salt, but you can rest assured there there's at least someone out there who'd read whatever it came up with.

Cool Bits Story Generator

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You can help make it better! Give me your lists of Cool Bits. To quote rachelmanija again:

Do you love boys with wings, amnesia, girls disguised as boys, kisses on the nape of the neck, Meiji Japan, prominent collarbones, south Indian martial arts weapons, cold female assassins, one person lighting another's cigarette, sentient weapons, pyrokinesis, autumn leaves, izakayas, road trips, selkie legends, Old West gunfights, 1940s American fashion, or...?

Tell me what you love.