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a frog the size of texas

May 1st, 2007

12:20 am - Stories I want to read

Some good story ideas the Cool Bits Story Generator came up withCollapse )

11:46 am - I feel like an idiot...

So I've owned one of those electric cat boxes, which had a rake that combs through the litter about 10 minutes after the cat uses it, for a little over two years now. While you can buy them now with timers so that it won't run during the night, mine's a little too old to have that. And it's in the bedroom because I refuse to feature a catbox in the living room and there's no other place for it. So in the middle of the night, when the cat does her thing, I am often awakened by the horrible SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the motor makes, and in fact this morning I ended up getting up an hour before my normal wake-up time because there was no way I was getting back to sleep afterwards.

And now I feel like an idiot, because it took me two years to figure out that maybe I could try one of those timers you can set your lights on. Two years, folks, TWO YEARS.

I am only slightly mollified by the fact that none of the people I complained to over the past two years has ever suggested it to me.

12:24 pm - *eyetwitch*

I've been reloading and tweaking and reloading the Cool Bits Story Generator so long now that everything is starting to blend together, and I'm misreading things. For instance, I just now misread The villain is a lady who is not what she seems who has a thigh holster as The villain is a lady who is not what she seems who has a thigh lobster and had a serious WTF?! moment, because I know I hadn't put anything about lobsters into the generator.

01:27 pm - Cracktastic Bits

oyceter said that someone should make a Cracktastic Bits generator like the Cool Bits generator, so rachelmanija is soliciting your favorite cracktastic bits from fiction, (any genre, although anime and manga and videogames give good crack).

08:43 pm

23 min., 4 mi. 356 mi. total. Camped near a bridge, and back on the Great East Road!

Weird time because I biked until Inu-Yasha was over. :)

09:27 pm

Any Saiyuki writers need a Hakkai/Gojyo prompt? There are plaintive cries for this one over on fandom_lounge.*

Your story begins with an orphan in a library. The villain is a sympathetic demon who has an unnatural eye color. Plot elements include sweat dripping down someone's forehead and the twitch of an eye.

* Journalfen has been up and down today like an up and down thing, so if you want to read the thread and can't, try again in a few minutes.
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09:54 pm

I have been ORDERED by text message to go to this VGCats strip and then blog about it. So I have. You might want to mosey on over. :)

And my icon is even appropriate!
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