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a frog the size of texas

May 4th, 2007

09:48 am - Pre-orders for Project Blue Rose

The third printing of Project Blue Rose is safely ordered and should be on its way to me in a week or two, so it's time to open pre-orders for it. Woo!

Note that Spindrift pre-orders aren't open yet, because I don't want to do that until after it's been submitted to the printer. :)

So ... the dirty detailsCollapse )

10:17 am

Wooo for typos in the first sentence of the announcement list!

The third printing of Project Blue Rose has been ordered, and we are now accepting pre-orders, with the mang to be mailed out in June.

I did proofread it, I swear! Could be worse. I'm fairly sure I at least spelled my name right. Oh well.

01:15 pm

It's not enough to have just lolcats, lolrus, and loltrek, there's now lolbrarians. Some of which are actually funny, and some of which won't be understood by non-librarians. :)

10:42 pm

20 min. 3.4 mi. Total: 359.4 total. Passed the River Hoarwell, into the land of the Trollshaws.

Missed two days due to migrainey things. :P
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