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a frog the size of texas

May 7th, 2007

06:47 am - Squirrel Mafia update...

I woke up in an interesting manner - there was an odd noise, like maybe hail, or something strange in the dryer, and the cat shot off the bed and ran into the living room. I followed, to see what the hell it was. The only thing I could think of was maybe it was hail, falling in an oddly sporadic manner (hey, I'd only woken up about ten seconds before). I peeked out the blinds, to be confronted with the belly of Luigi the squirrel at eye level as he climbed headfirst down my window screen - the noise was his claws against the window.

He jumped off and stared at the cat and I for a second, then scampered away, no doubt cursing us thoroughly in squirrel. The half-squirrel is still outside, looking very damp and much the worse for wear.

ETA: He attempted the window again as I was walking out the door, so I hurriedly grabbed the camera and snapped one fuzzy shot of his belly. I'll put it up tonight when I get home - it's finals week and thus I had to get to work ASAP so I could find a parking place. :)

08:31 am - Baaaaa

Did I pass the 8th grade science test?Collapse )

10:57 am - Cool Bits generator updated

I added some more Cool Bits that people had sent to me to the generator.

Stories I came up with while testingCollapse )

02:17 pm

As a reminder, for those of you who may have missed it this past weekend, Project Blue Rose is taking pre-orders now!

04:53 pm

This just covers all sorts of stories, doesn't it?

The story begins with pizza, and ends with martyrdom.

06:03 pm - More pictures of Luigi the squirrel!

Under the cut, plz to be finding a picture from yesterday, a picture from this morning, and several from just a few minutes ago.

Read more...Collapse )

Alas, the saga of Luigi the squirrel may soon be ending, as I decided that I didn't really want Luigi to rip up my screen and phoned the office, asking them to remove the remains of Nunzio the dead half-squirrel. The cat would drive me crazy if I couldn't open the window after the squirrel ripped the screen off.

07:45 pm

20 min., 3.7 mi. Total: 373.5 mi. Still climbing.
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