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a frog the size of texas

May 21st, 2007

12:07 am - Bishounen of the Apocalypse

Eh. I think we've established that character design is not my forte. :) (Or at least, character design without a full script in hand to give me an idea of their personalities.)

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ETA: Maybe I really need YOU PEOPLE to write me snippets starring each of them so I can get a better feel for character. Have fun with it, and it doesn't matter if someone else has picked one and done it. (And don't think too hard about it.)

ETA2 Bonus points if you work in something from the kinkfic generator. My favorite one of each will get a free keychain starring that character! XD (hopefully that will get at least some of you interested in it...)
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10:52 am - Spindrift pre-orders open!

For better or for worse, Spindrift pre-orders and the website's new shopping cart for Paypal are open!

If you're one of the people who pre-ordered Project Blue Rose and want to add Spindrift to the order, just directly Paypal me using the same address $7.00 plus $1.00 for the extra shipping. Don't want to penalize you for ordering early! :D

And if you encounter any weirdness* with the shopping cart, let me know. Thanks!

* If you encounter Paypal giving you prices in double dollars ($$), rest assured we have not gone into the Trigun universe, and the correct amount comes to me. :)

12:13 pm


unrelated note to self: go by Hobby Lobby at lunch and pick up a colorless blender. And maybe some more desaturated colors.
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02:42 pm

Can anyone find a picture of a barber shop/hair salon taken - this is the important bit - facing whoever's sitting in the chairs? I can find plenty from the back and from the side, but none from the front. Even a shot of one person sitting in one from the front would help.
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