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a frog the size of texas

May 22nd, 2007

01:21 am - Art post

It's entirely rachelmanija's fault.

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11:43 am

Goodbye everyone, Since there has been discussion regarding whether or not my posts to this community are relevant, I have decided to no longer post here. After the last few weeks or so of posts (and the often aggressively and needlessly snarky comment storm that accompanies several of them), I feel that I must leave this community. i hope you fall off your soap box someday and bust your ass. Not looking for sympathy or anything either. Just pointing something out before I take my leave of this community.

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05:16 pm

rachelmanija needs emergency Japanese help!
Can someone translate the following into Japanese, please? (Romaji-- I have to email it, and I think that's safest.)

"Our seats on the plane must be across from each other, with an aisle separating us. That is so that we can both have an aisle seat, but we can still speak to each other across the aisle. Please book our seats like this for both flights."

Thank you!

Closing comments on this post to force y'all to go over there. :)

11:32 pm - D.Gray-Man

The inks of the next piece for A-Kon. Haven't figured out how I'm going to color it.

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