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a frog the size of texas

May 29th, 2007

12:59 am - That one wot none of you dared venture a guess on...

While I was making prints tonight, I sat down and finished inking That One Wot None of You Ventured a Guess On a week or so back. If I don't get a chance to sit down and work on it before the con, I'll take it to the con - I want to try out this marker technique that uses watercolor pencils under the marker on it. I've tested that on small bits and bobs here and there, but enver done a full piece with it.

Remind me to transfer Vincent to a piece of paper using the lightbox before I go to A-Kon. I'm not getting him done before the con, so I might as well get him done while at the con.

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10:42 am - Yo, vom_marlowe!

This book on digital painting is available through interlibrary loan! I know, because I'm holding a copy of it. Which is due June 10th, more's the pity, so I think I'll be spending the weekend after A-Kon intently studying it.

03:19 pm

Via sclerotic_rings: Clientcopia: Stupid Client Quotes.

I think I've seen posts like this all over my friendslist...
early club design client:

"more fonts. use more fonts!"
"ummm... how many do you want?"
"how many do you have?"


client comment:

Please also put a landlord hat on the landlord.

06:22 pm - Two things...

1) batwrangler just told off Edward Elric.

2) If you're on a major fic community or read fandom_wank, you've probably already come across this, but there is currently an overeager Protect the Chilllldrun group combing LJ for journals and communities with interests that could be linked to illegal activity, specifically child pr0n. (original debunking, re-bunking after the deletions started happening, f_w report) The group is overeager to the point of reporting obviously fictional journals, (i.e. the journal of Severus Snape for an RPG) for having illegal activity listed in its interests, and journals patently not about the pr0n (a Spanish community dedicated to reading Nabokov's Lolita)so for now if you have anything that could be construed as such in your journal, a fic journal, or an RPG journal, you might want to take it out.

I suspect the group is just doing searches on keywords in the interests and reporting everything that pops up, since there's no other rhyme or reason to the deletions.

08:53 pm


If I require your assistance when cutting mats, I will let you know.

No love,
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