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a frog the size of texas

May 30th, 2007

12:40 pm

You tech-savvy people will FEEL the PAIN.

05:02 pm - For all those having a bad day...

...hie thee hence to Making Light, whereupon you will see many a pastiche upon lolcats and other sundry internet memery themes. Need more persuasion? How about the Divine Comedy as a text-based adventure game?

And don't forget to drop by this post, which is linked from the comments in the above post.

07:27 pm

Thank Providence for pencil pieces - when you're making prints and your color ink cartridge just happens to run out of red (I have no earthly idea why it would do that), you can just switch to printing stuff originally drawn in pencil until another of the colors runs out, instead of changing the cartridge and wasting all that ink. (I've gotten about 20 prints so far without the red XD)
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