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a frog the size of texas

June 4th, 2007

04:52 pm - Recommendations...

...for video games for the PS2? I've got a week coming in which I promised myself that I'd do NOTHING PRACTICAL and thus may spend most of it sitting around and playing video games. And I therefore need to think about what games. I liked Kingdom Hearts a lot, despite it making me seasick. I like KHII, although not as much as KHI, but there's way too much plot (i.e., too many cutscenes). (Only halfway through so far, but hey.)

I like games with plot and interesting characters. I can't do an arena-fighting one like SOul Calibur because the misspelling of 'calibre' annoys me the RSI in my wrists flares up: 20 minutes of SCII took me out of commission for two days. The arrangement of buttons in Kingdom Hearts' fighting is much better, though, and the rest periods (for my wrist) are great. Katamari Damacy is fun, but I suck at it and can't get past the 4th level. Good writing and humor is a plus: I've got The Bard's Tale, which makes me laugh, although the camera position drives me insane so I can't play it for too long at a time. Anything that takes a lot of skill and coordination isn't good - I can't even get past the stupid tutorial in Crazy Taxi, and while I find SSX Tricky fun, I suck horribly at it because I lack coordination and timing and I finish most of the snowboarding courses on my face.

So: recommendations? Something I can get used is good, but I've gotten paid this week and am feeling vaguely flush, so new is OK also.

A-Kon con report and cosplay photos to come later, when I'm, like, awake.

11:03 pm - A-Kon photos

Got the cosplayer photos I took at A-Kon posted here on Flickr. Rachel took half of them, actually, so there's some there in the middle I hadn't seen until I dumped them off the camera. :D

Still tired & exhausted. Am heading towards bed now. Will attempt to post report tomorrow.
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