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a frog the size of texas

June 5th, 2007

04:30 pm - No con report yet...

Last night, I went out to buy video games, and ended up with Okami, Final Fantasy X, and Destroy All Humans (I got 1 free if I bought 2, and none of the others that had been recommended so far were in). Played Okami through the introductory this-is-how-you-play-lets-practice bits. I think my favorite parts of it are where I can make the wolf avatar of the Sun Goddess Amaterasu smack her head into a large rock at great speed. The boy has FFXII and Shadow of the Colossus and will lend them to me. Don't let this stop you recommending games, though: it's nice to ahve a library of recs to go back to. :)

But that's not what this post is about. As I was starting the drive home, I looked into the sky in the direction I was originally going to go, and saw a spectacular set of stormclouds - the kind that are very dark an ominous and go up into the sky just about forever, and also have a bottom portion that seems to be hitting a roof in the atmosphere and instead boils over and down, the way that dry ice will boil over the lip of whatever vessel it's in. Sort of like this, only more spectacular. I cursed not having my camera with me, and decided to drive home the long way round instead of taking the highway, as it appeared to be planted smack dab over Highway 30, where I needed to go.

As I drove, the sky continued to look spectacular, with areas where it was clear and areas of stormclouds. A long line of stormclouds eventually pushed its way south over the road I was on, and when I was one stoplight from the light where I needed to turn north to get home, I looked up at the clouds just in front of me, and spotted distinct rotation. O.o I wasn't the only one who saw it - all of us at the stoplight floored our cars as soon as the light was green. I believe the slowest of us was doing about 55 mph on this 40mph road. :) I drove home, as a sickly yellow light infused the sky (along with the brightest rainbow I'd ever seen, which was a double one), and got home with no incident.

No tornado ended up touching down, but I still don't ever want to see rotation in the clouds above me. :P

07:02 pm

20 min., 3.3 mi. Total: 400.4 mi. Return to the Road.

I can tell I haven't been doing this on a regular basis for three weeks: 20 min was much harder than it had been. :)

11:20 pm - OK, fine, con report, whatever

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