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a frog the size of texas

June 8th, 2007

09:38 am - This 'n' that

I've got over ten hours of Okami under my belt, and while the graphics aren't quite as stunning to me as they are to most people*, it's been interesting. I'm not giving it an unqualified Yes! because I'm finding certain aspects of gameplay highly frustrating, and I don't know if it's because my controller is b0rked or if it's just designed that way. The dance that Mr Orange does where you have to circle the cherry bud to get the tree to bloom? Took over an hour because I couldn't get the stupid thing to circle fast enough. And there was no option to skip the whole "It didn't work! I won't give up! blahblah blah blah blah Ammy, you should help him!" talky section, so I had to wait through it every. single. time. I'm glad that I have an option to bite, because the next time I see Mr Orange I'm going to bite the hell out of him.

And then there was the first fishing game, which took me close to two hours to powerslash a fish. That's one fish. And when I was eventually able to do it, I couldn't figure out what the difference was between the powerslashes that worked and the ones that didn't. And then the evil trees that throw fruit at you? How do you get the fruit to go back at the tree? I can't ever get the powerslash to work with that.

I have screamed more obscenities at this game than I have anything else, and considering my lack of ability at Crazy Taxi, that's saying quite a lot.

* Mostly because of my lousy TV, which makes it a bit hard to focus on things, and it always takes me a while to figure out where any particular character's face is.

05:24 pm

Which one of you took my scissors?

08:48 pm

I stopped by the Gamestop next to campus and bought a new controller. Plugged it in, and have been playing Okami since I got home from work. The difference? NIGHT and DAY. My controller was definitely wonky. I can actually do the wall jump now. And I don't think I could have gotten the Spider Queen if I hadn't had the new one.

The employee at Gamestop was skeptical that it was the controller, but on the bright side he didn't assume it was for my son, brother, or husband, and instead asked me what I was playing. Mind you the bag I was wearing that said FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST on it might have clued him in that I was a geek already. :)

Now back to the game.
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