June 11th, 2007

Near - que?


...not ones I'm asking you (now), but ones I'm trying to come up with. I feel strongly that what the world really, truly needs is an internet quiz about which of the Four Bishounen of the Apocalypse the quiz-taker embodies. And as a result, I need questions.

Not just any questions, though. I positively hate quizzes that are easy to game to get the answer you want, so questions like "Your brother massacred the rest of your family. What do you do? A) Turn my hate onto the rest of the world. B) Make cutting quips to hide my inner pain. C) Quietly obsess over training to kill him. D) Cry big emo tears." are RIGHT OUT. As are "What's your favorite color? A) the red of RAGE. B) The green of jealousy. Yours. C) The deepest, darkest, black of moonless midnight. D) Pink! Or blue! Or sunshiny yellow!" Waaaaay too obvious.

Which is where you guys come in. I feel sure you'll be able to suggest something that'll get me thinking in the right direction OR ELSE.

(I'm not even sure which quizmaking thing I'm going to use yet, so there's no telling if it'll be one with four answers, more, or elss for each question.)
Jaken - FluffAir


I ended up putting about twenty hours of gameplay in on Okami this weekend - finished the boss fight against Orochi, and started in on the second part. Now that the controller issue is settled and I know for sure how much I suck and how much is the fault of the controller, it's much smoothere and I'm actually enjoying the random monster fights.

For the, what, three of you on my friendslist who don't play video games and didn't recommend Okami to me, it's a game based deeply in Japanese mythology, with art reminiscent of Japanese brush paintings. As far as the mythology goes, let's put it this way: you play the goddess Amaterasu, in the form of a white wolf, and the weapons you fight with are the Imperial Regalia of Japan. :)

I'm putting part of the Wikipedia entry here, because there's spoilers in the actual ntry, and I didn't want to retype the setup. So, spoilers cut out, here's a summary of the setup of the first part: Collapse )

I kind of like Waka. I mean, dude's a total tool, but he's one of those characters that annoy me and attract me at the same time. :)

rachelmanija will be interested to know that of the weapons available, the Reflectors (mirrors), which can be used as shields for defense or also as offense weapons, remind me a lot of descriptions of the chakra weapons in Indian mythology. And I feel vaguely Sanzo-ish when using the rosaries as weapons. XD

One question I have, and I don't want to read the Wikipedia entry too closely for fear of spoilers so I don't know if it's in there, is about the blue symbol Susano wears. It's the same symbol as in the anime Blue Seed, and I assume it has some sort of mythological meaning in Japan. Can anyone enlighten me?