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a frog the size of texas

June 19th, 2007

09:27 am - THIS WEEKEND, I...

a) drove to Houston to visit the boy, taking off early Friday because of the forecast of dire stormage all the way. The drive was sunny and hot.

b) watched Spamalot. Thanks to a review by theferrett, I knew there wasn't a significant amount of new material, mostly recycled Monty Python, but there are far worse things in this world than recycled Monty Python.

c) discovered isancho and his wife sitting in the seats directly behind us in the theatre. I am not surprised they were at the show, but that they were at that matinee and that they were directly behind us.

d) finally saw Pirates of the Caribbean 3, at the Alamo Drafthouse, so the food was good even if the movie was stupid-but-watchable (Chow Yun Fat deserved a better part).

e) as a consequence of the Short Person's Curse (sitting behind a tall person with a fat head) at Spamalot, sitting wonky for three hours, and then due to the typical uncomfortable movie theatre seats, sitting wonky for three more hours at PotC3, Sunday morning had Serious Back Issue, with a muscle that had never had a problem before, to the point of being rather worried I wouldn't be able to drive home for a few days. But serious application of massive amounts of Advil and icepacks reduced it to a dull ache. It's in my mid-to-upper back, below my left shoulderblade and off to the side, and is one of the muscles seriously involved in breathing, which was extremely painful for a while Sunday morning. Now I only feel it if I breathe deeply or sit without back support for a while.

f) discovered I am dating the Antichrist.

g) overnighted Sunday night with my mother and her cat, as I didn't want to face the full five-hour-drive home from Houston in one go, with the dire stormage predicted all the way. the Sunday drive to College Station and the Monday drive to For Worth were ... sunny and hot all the way.

h) got home Monday afternoon and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening backing up and restoring my iPod, which has been acting funky for the past few months (if I went to the Podcasts playlist and played a podcast and backed out of that playlist, the iPod crashed. If I played a podcast and let it finish by itself and go to the menu, it was fine. Go fig).

i) had a dream Tuesday morning that presented me with three bishounen with angsty anime backstories and colored hair.

what, you want context for something above? Fine. The boy, last week, managed to lose a fight with a car door, which put a mostly-horizontal slice into his forehead, and then lost a fight with ... I think a cabinet or desk drawer or something, the result of which was a mostly-vertical slice into his forehead at exact right angles to, crossing, and re-opening the first. As a result of which, he has a perfect inverted cross branded into his forehead at the moment. Maybe I'll start calling him Damian.

11:22 am - And what's in your bag?

jonquil posted about a time capsule from 1957 that included the contents of a woman's purse from that era, and asked what unusual or interesting things were in your bag. I started listing the contents, but it got a bit long, so I'm moving it over here, and asking *you* the same question.

The bag in question is basically a small messenger bag with FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST emblazoned on it. I got it before I watched the anime, actually: I liked the shape and size of the bag, and it was the least objectionable logo at the time. If I'm feeling like a giant dork when I go into places, I turn it around so the logo is facing me. :)

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03:38 pm

So on the "How I spent my summer vacation weekend" post, I included
i) had a dream Tuesday morning that presented me with three bishounen with angsty anime backstories and colored hair
in the vague hope that people would ask me about it and I could post it. After an overwhelming cry for more*, here 'tis.

* By chomiji.**
** After prompting.

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07:31 pm

20 min., 3.5 mi. Total: 425.3. Still on the road, brief rests.
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