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a frog the size of texas

June 22nd, 2007

10:53 am - I'm bored!

And have an hour at the ref desk to kill! Have been considering doing another generator, but am out of ideas. dragonscholar's List o'Generators that he's been asked to make isn't inspiring because for the most part they're objects instead of stories, if that makes sense. and if anyone knows how to integrate a PHP script like the generator into Wordpress in a way that actually works, then let me know, 'cause I'd love to be able to integrate it with my overall magatsu.net site.

12:54 pm - Art prompts generator

OK, so I'm thinking on a suggestion by vom_marlowe for an art prompt generator. I think I'm going to have to offer the choice between simple (i.e. one word or short phrase) and elaborate (more description and elements) prompts, because there's lots of people out there who seem to get better inspiration from shorter prompts than I do. (e.g., something like "Years" or "Blue" as opposed to "What we do not regret. Blue, melancholy" or "The forest at noon. Happy")

The simple prompts are easy enough to do: giant list of single words and short phrases, pick one at random. It's the elaborate ones that are more difficult (especially because you need to take things like grammar and capitalization into account). I'm thinking they should be something like: The picture is mostly green and features two characters in elaborate clothing. Elements include a mask and wind. "The time when we cannot meet." Yeah, it sounds a lot like my fic generators. Deal.

What I need from you are various prompts like that - I made the fic generators by creating sample prompts, then generating structures and rules from them. Don't worry about grammar and capitalization: I'll worry about that. They don't even have to be original - just pop down short descriptions of pictures you like if you can't come up with anything. They're all going to end up with different words plugged into them anyway. :)

(er, just to make it clear - I don't need examples of the sentences below with new words plugged in. I need different descriptions. :D)

More examples: "The portrait has a sense of melancholy. The person is looking off into the distance and has blue eyes."

"The landscape in the picture is mountainous and bathed in morning sunlight. The characters in it are in conflict. It is a pre-modern setting."

"There is an air of menace in this black-and-white picture. The theme is 'the promised land.'"

(Gah. Why do I get the feeling that this will be combination fic and character generator?)

04:43 pm - Art prompts generator so far...

Just to show you guys the sort of categories I'm coming up with so far.

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And now to drive home!

07:03 pm - Art generator redux...

The one section I'm really having a lot of trouble with is the Challenge section. I wouldn't use it very much in the promtps, but it'd be nice to have a lot of variety in it, still. :/

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11:59 pm - Art generator in progress

Still tinkering with it, as I'm not particularly satisfied with the elaborate prompts I've got so far.


This isn't yet ready for release, which is why this is under friendslock. Released now, so unlocking the post. Play with it a bit and let me know what you think so far.

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