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a frog the size of texas

June 23rd, 2007

12:10 pm

40 min. 7 mi. Total: 439.3 mi. Almost at camp.

07:10 pm - Portray a sense of pessimism with a corset and gryphons.

Yes! It's ...... the Random Art Prompt Generator!

Featuring a choice of simple (one word or phrase) prompts or elaborate (two or more elements)!

And if you do anything inspired by this, please show me! (if anyone actually does anything with it, I might create an online gallery for it. :D)

07:22 pm - And now the samples

Various samples from the Art Prompts Generator.

Create a portrait of someone who is not a girl disguised as a boy. Use an Old Masters style.Collapse )

07:51 pm - And one more...

Show a priestess, and a corset. The piece should not contain any sort of a mechanical host body.
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