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a frog the size of texas

July 2nd, 2007

12:12 am - Photo ref - costume?

I am fast coming to the inevitable conclusion that I desperately need to practice psinting fabric, especially gathered, pleated, folded, etc. fabric. Do any of you costumers/cosplayers out there have any good pictures of yourselves in lush costumes with lots of fabric, especially with big sweeps of gathered/pleated/folded fabric, like with bustles, trains, skirts, of the Victorian and Edwardian eras etc? (I'd ask for wedding dresses, but I really don't want to paint white right now. XD) Costumes need not be of the historic variety, as long as they have what I'm looking for - biiig areas of fold, wrinkles, pleats, gathers, etc. (And how many more times can I say fold, gathers, pleats, wrinkles, etc.?*)

* I believe I'm repeating that over and over mostly to ensure that no one says "Sure!" and gives me a picture of them as, say, Sailor Moon. Which does have some soft gathers in the skirt, yes, but not the huge areas I'm looking for.

ETA: I failed to make it clear why I was looking for pictures of people on my f-list: because I want to paint a copy of one of them for practice. I don't really want to grab a picture of a random person off the Web to do that, because I'd need permission to post it to DA and elsewhere online and I'm uncomfortable with asking a total stranger if I can do that.

01:47 am - What I did all weekend...

cut for picture.Collapse )

05:14 pm

This would be why I'm staying late at work today...

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07:45 pm

20 min. 3.7 mi. Total: 464.4 mi. Miles from Rivendell: 6.7. Still on the moors.

(Aw, man, they don't give miles overall for the Rivendell-Lothlorien leg, just the number of miles from Rivendell. So I gotta do more math. Phooey. :P)

11:46 pm - More classic art prompts...

(because I just updated the generator with a few more media and a new sentence structure)
It includes tacos and alchemy.Collapse )
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