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a frog the size of texas

July 3rd, 2007

12:09 am - IMPORTANT POLL!

This picture depicts a damaged warrior and a dancer and either a tryst or penguins. Prompt: dodge a bullet.

Tryst or penguins?

Tryst and penguins!
Aerodynamic martial arts fighting and a bacchanal!

I rather want to hold an art contest using the prompt generator, just to see what people produce. Good idea?

Of course!
Mello and his fabulous ass!

Where's Sanzo?

Where you least expect him to be
In a state of crankiness
At the door, wanting to know who the hell ordered all these penguins.

If I held a contet, I'd need two other judges. Anyone volunteering?

What happened to the penguins I ordered? The bacchanal is waiting on them!

11:05 am

I check the logs on magatsu.net every day, just to see where I'm getting my traffic (quite a lot on a daily basis from seventhsanctum.com, thank you dragonscholar!). It also has the search terms that people use to find the site on Google and other search engines. Today it's got the usual mix of "story generator" "art prompts" and so on, and something I'm quite proud of, "best story generator on the internet". It also included "essay conclusion generator."

I so hope that someone used one of my prompts to finish their essay off with. "And in conclusion, this narrative is about rebirth. It starts in an asylum with a nice guy who doesn't finish last. The antagonist is a scholar and the plot involves elements like the texture of silk and aerodynamic martial arts fighting."

06:23 pm

Not ready for prime time, so it's friendslocked. (Or not, as was pointed out to me. No big deal - just don't link to it yet because the URL will change after I'm done. I'll let ya know when it's ready for official release.)

Got out of work early since tomorrow's the Fourth of July, and naturally instead of doing anything useful, I'm messing with the random generators again. This particular one I'm working on started as a potential silly LJ entry - I'd accidentally run across somewhere online a forum thread where people were making up what their zanpakutos* would be. Naturally, most of these zanpakutos were highly Mary Sue-ified, if you can call it that (but you know what I mean), and were super-powerful and capable of taking out most captains with a single blow.

* Weapons Soul Reapers use in Bleach. Each is attuned to the wielder, each has a name, each has a couple of forms - shikai and bankai - and special abilities. Wikipedia.

This struck me as silly, and I started wondering what zanpakutos would be in the real world, but realized that if I posted an LJ entry asking you what *your* zanpakuto was, in the vein of asking you what your superpower was*, that meant I'd have to come up with one of my own, and I ahvne't been able to do it yet.

* My friend bpggle is the Weird Attractor, calling all insane people from near and far to discuss their opinions with him. I merely have the ability to make anybody ask me if I've found God yet.

But it started me thinking about random generators, and how complex it would have to be, because the form and ability of the zanpakuto tend to be related to the name. I haven't figured out how to do that yet, but I've been working on a zanpakuto name generator, at least.

I've reached the point where they all look alike, because I'm intimately familiar with every term used in it. And they're ... OK. I've taken out most of the really silly ones (I plan on making a silly zanpakuto generator once I hammer out the problems of this one), but the rest are mostly blah and not spectacular yet.

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08:21 pm - Spam

I just received a spam with the subject line:

Live ducks in the bedroom could be a cause rather than a cure for marital strife.

Ya think?

10:10 pm

30 min. 5.6 mi. Total: 470. From Rivendell: 7.2 mi. Almost to the Ford of Bruinen.
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