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a frog the size of texas

July 4th, 2007

01:53 pm

STILL NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME, PLZ TO NOT BE LINKING. (Not that you'd want to at this point anyway.)

You would not believe the amount of programming I've done* just to get the simple result that shows here:

http://www.magatsu.net/zanpakuto/shikai.php (Reload to get a new result) Cleaned up the directory, now at: http://www.magatsu.net/zanpakuto/

Plz to be admiring the way it knows whether to use "a" or "an" and how the adjectives are not duplicated. (This is not using the Seventh Sanctum script, BTW - I'm starting from scratch on this one. Which means that, since I'm not an elegant programmer, it's probably twice as long as it needs to be. It's for-damn-sure going to be much longer than it needs to be after I get different sentences in there. I may be needing to look harder at functions, in the near future.

Yes, I know you sometimes get "a big, tiny" weapon and similar. Stopping that happening is way beyond what I'm willing to do right now. Fixed, thanks to tprjones telling me how! :D

* for values of "programming" that programmers understand to be "staring at the screen until your forehead bleeds while trying to figure out the logic, looking like you're not doing anything, which makes people wonder why you scream invective at them when they interrupt your staring because you obviously weren't doing anything."

05:18 pm

Still not done, so no linky. :)

http://www.magatsu.net/zanpakuto/names.php Cleaned up the directory, now at: http://www.magatsu.net/zanpakuto/

I've now combined the shikai description with the names and the command words, and added links to the Wikipedia pages for the various weapons. At the moment, there's only one option for the whole sentence, which I want to change, but I'm going to have to rewrite the random generator for the zanpakuto names, since I just bodged the decription generator into the other script. So it'll be a while yet before you see more improvement. :D

08:06 pm - One more step along...

...although still not finished, so no linky. :)


All the various subroutines that generate the zanpakutou, the command, and the shikai form are all neatly tucked away into functions. What's left to do (lots):

-- generate kido-based shikai descriptions
-- add types to Actor data so that ability will be tied somewhat to the name
   (i.e., the name is based on "icy" or "frozen"; the abilities will be ice-based)
-- generate shikai abilities
-- generate bankai descriptions
-- generate bankai abilities


(fyi - the zanpakuto are broken into 2 types - weapon-based that use them more-or-less as weapons (i.e., Ichigo's zanpakuto), and kido-based that use them more-or-less as whatever funky thing Tite Kubo can come up with (i.e., Byakuya's cherry blossom thing).

09:16 pm

20 min. 3.6 mi. Total: 473.6. From Rivendell: 10.8 mi. Turn south at the Ford of Bruinen, enter canyon.

10:08 pm - Fun with the generator while trying to figure out what to have for dinner...

This zanpakuto, named Wild Earth, transforms into a gleaming, tiny sickle at the command "Scorch, Wild Earth!"

I picture a sickle about 3" long. Pity the poor Fourth Squad member with that!

Pain Healer is always activated, and resembles a light, old-fashioned kodachi which has a deceptively small blade.

The name of that one worked well. :D

This zanpakuto, named Silent Sword, transforms into an awkward bullwhip with an elegantly carved handle at the command "Come out, Silent Sword!"

What a mis-named one that is.

When Blossom is activated with the command "Expand, Blossom!" it transforms into a tiny, ordinary gauntlet which covers the hand like a glove.

Gosh, another useful one.

Unseal this zanpakuto with the command "Manifest, Stern Spider, Savage Spider!" It resembles [a kido-based shikai to be created later].

Oh, the possibilities for that one.

11:34 pm

dragonscholar and I are having way too much fun coming up with silly zanpakuto ideas in my previous post. If you have any ideas, let me know: once I get the serious one hammered out, I'm going to make a silly one. :)
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