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a frog the size of texas

July 5th, 2007

04:49 pm - ...Ideas?

I'm now working out the abilities of the zanpakutos in the generator, and need ideas. Not silly ones, unfortunately. :D

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I think I'm not going to bother with bankai abilities or forms, because that would require way too much effort. Anyone using this to generate zanpakutos will just have to make their own bankai up, or borrow another shikai. Most Soul Reapers haven't achieved bankai yet, anyway.

04:54 pm

Examples of abilities I've got so far. (Refer to previous post for context)

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09:09 pm - Almost done!

Got what abilities I've got so far entered into the zanpakato generator: http://www.magatsu.net/zanpakuto/

Naturally, I need more. :) See previous two posts for details.

You'll note that the technique doesn't match the name all of the time. This is because the name is generated out of combinations and permutations of four files containing lists of terms, and I only have one of those files tied to the abilities. So any names that don't use that file get generic abilities and not specific ones. But it's OK, as 8 out of the 11 permutations use that file, so a large number of the abilities should be thematic. :)

ETA: And yes: the shield of stinging nettles shows up on all the plant-related ones, because that's the only plant-related ability I've got at the moment. :D

It'll be ready to go live once I feed more abilities into it. Also, feel free to send me permutations of sentences. The variables are:
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10:10 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. Total: 477.1 mi. From Rivendell: 14.3 mi. Going trhough the 'folded lands'.
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