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a frog the size of texas

July 7th, 2007

06:08 pm

I think this is one of my favoritest images from icanhascheezburger.com evar.

Cut for CUTECollapse )

06:32 pm

20 min. 3.6 mi. Total: 480.7 mi. From Rivendell: 17.9 mi. Almost to a canyon.

08:32 pm - The Life of an Amorous Man

Last week I was looking up books on Kyoto and old Japan, and came across a mention of book written in the 17th century by Saikaku Ihara, titled The Life of an Amorous Man. It's a portrait of the commoner-merchant Yonosuke, one of the nouveau riche, basically, who wenches his way through life, hopping in and out of various people's beds. I'm only a couple of (short) chapters in, when he's still a teenager - he started macking on girls at about the age of four, BTW - and he's being written as sort of a commoner's Genji at times:
The spring of Yonosuke's fourteenth year was over, and on the first day of the fourth month -- the day for a complete change of wardrobe signifying the end of childhood -- he slipped on a robe with sleeves that had no wide openings under the armpits. Neighbors regretted the change, for they felt his back view in a child's tight-sleeved robe had been particularly attractive.
So far, it's been a good read. We'll see if this keeps up.

10:26 pm - Heee

I've spent most of the day constantly checking the Technorati and Google's Blog Beta search for zanpakuto meme links, and what I'm mostly surprised at is that people don't seem to have as twisted a mind as I do. They post it in their blogs and add something laughing about how their zanpakuto has such a useless power, and in nine out of ten cases, it was one I thought was evilly lethal.

Examples:Collapse )
Or maybe I just have a lethal mind? I could probably come up with a killing method for a spork.

(I think it was rayechu who ended up with a weapon called "Thunder like Snow" that sent out pulses of infrasound to freak out enemies. That's totally my zanpakuto, and I envision the pulses going out in the rhythm of the drums that were in the last three episodes of Doctor Who this season. :)

ETA: P.S. The other ones I'm all "Bzuh?" about are the ones who complain that they got a sucky zanpakuto. I wonder if they realize you can just reload the thing until you get one you like?

11:12 pm

From one of the links to the meme that popped up on Technorati:

Every variation of my username ended up with a kusari-fundo, though the ability of the bankai changed.

I have no idea how that happened - must have hit a run of the same number in the random number generator. :D


ETA: Huh. People truly aren't realizing that it doesn't matter what you put in the text box, because they're trying out all variations of their name. Guess my habit of retrying all memes to see if they're seeded from the textbox input or if they're random isn't as widespread as I assumed it was.

Ah well. Nothing really matters as long as people are having fun, and they seem to be. :)
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