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a frog the size of texas

July 8th, 2007

11:15 am - Hee!

I think that if we try hard enough, and squint long enough, we can just barely figure out the moment when the zanpakuto meme took off:

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01:34 pm

20 min. 3.4 mi. Total: 484.1 From Rivendell: 21.3 Steep canyon.

03:22 pm - Hah!

Officially, as of today, forty pounds down. A lot to go: note that I am not actually giving you the numbers yet. XD Maybe I'll do that when I reach my first major goal.

And now for something I'd been threatening to write for a while, about how I'm doing this with, surprisingly, next to no pain.

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Anyway, after aaaaall of that: losing weight doesn't make me a better person. It won't make me more popular (and I wouldn't want to be friends with anyone who wouldn't be friends with someone fat), it won't make me more confident (I got plenty of other insecurities, thankyouverymuch, and some of the most confident women I know are my size or larger), and it won't turn me into the Perfect Woman, because there's no such thing. All it does is make me smaller. :) I'm not interested in getting down to the weight that TV tells me I should be, or that the height/weight charts* and BMI indicators tell me I should be, I'm mostly interested in being a weight I feel comfortable with.

* Created in the 1930s and 1950s by insurance companies studying white, professional men, BTW, not women or people of color or people working lower-class jobs. The history of our obsession with weight is quite interesting and enlightening.

And now if you excuse me, I'm off to take a shower, attempt to clean out the fridge, and go to the grocery store. :)
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09:12 pm

What I have learned from mainlining over a hundred chapters of Bleach in two days:

(No spoilers)Collapse )

09:24 pm - Bleach

All right, so I'm caught up on Bleach. Rec me fics! I don't quite grok the fic world's obsession with pairings, so I don't care one way or the other about who's doing what to who so long as it's well-written and beliveable within the context of the story.

I tend to prefer humor to angst, but again: good writing triumphs. :)

I've read a number of incandescens' fics since ursulav recced the hilarious (and basically nonspoilery, for those of you who haven't read it) The Case of the Thirteen Captains, so you don't need to alert me to her presence. :)

You can rec teh pr0n too, if the writing's good, just warn me so I don't go read it on a break at work. :)
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