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a frog the size of texas

July 11th, 2007

09:48 am

Monday's and Tuesday's stats for magatsu.net...interesting.

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10:29 am - Memeage, and ow.

There seems to be a colony of mosquitos living under my desk at home: I have five bites on my feet. Ow.

Memeage: what spirit animal do I have?Collapse )

01:46 pm - Japan itinerary

rachelmanija just posted a loose itinerary for our trip to Japan, with links to various places. :) Go take a look (and if you're in or near one of those areas at one of those times and want to meet up for lunch or whatever, feel free to contact us. :D)

05:41 pm - Manga and anime crack

I had the idea to make a quiz to see how many of you could match up cracktastic bits to the anime or manga they come from. But for that, I need ... cracktastic bits! Characters, situations, or things, it doesn't matter. (I mean, I could make one up just fine, but it would contain mostly things that most of you already know about due to me mentioning them all the time.)

And to keep people from cheating on the quiz, intentionally or inadvertently, all comments to this post are screened (which means I won't answer you unless you ask me a direct question, due to the annoyance of having to re-screen when I do that. :D)

You'll need to give me the person, thing, situation, whatever, plus what it came from. If I think a term will give it away, I'll change it - like if I were trying to describe a Hollow from Bleach, I'd call it a spirit or ghost or undead or something like that, since the term gives it away. :)

(I'd give you examples, but unfortunately all the ones I can think of right this second, I want to put in the quiz, despite what I said above... Hrm.)
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