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a frog the size of texas

July 12th, 2007

05:30 pm

Used Baboon Disposal
Happy Buzzard of Happiness

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I swear I will do art for the first person to work "Lutefisk Dispenser" into a piece of fiction.

I also think I will be using the same list of weapon names from the real generator, because if it goes too far outfield, it ends up being surreal rather than parodic - it loses its connection the the real thing. But the descriptive phrases that sometimes tack on to the end will be ... interesting. :)

10:11 pm - QUIZ TIME!

Remember the Cracktastic Quiz I threatened you with earlier? Well, here it is! And I got enough suggestions that it's damn long! I didn't even use HALF of the suggestions I got. :)

I *think* I didn't screw up and leave the correct answer off of any one of them, but I might have, so that's always an option. Also, there may be more than one statement that applies to the same series, so just because you marked it earlier doesn't mean it's not another answer. :)

Will post the answers in another post, at some point in the future.


10:24 pm - Quiz answers!

Don't click here until you've taken the Manga/Anime Cracktastic Quiz!

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