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a frog the size of texas

July 23rd, 2007

10:31 am - Book!

So I've got an Amazon gift certificate and only a vague sense of what I want. So rec me ONE book/manga/whatever you think I should read/watch/whatever.

(ok, maybe 1 or 2 more if you can't limit yourself to one.)

12:27 pm - This just confirms something I'd thought all along...

You know that e-mail virus going around that tells you that you've got an e-card from someone: a friend, a neighbor, a relative? I just got this one:
Subject: You've received a greeting ecard from a Worshipper!
Yeah, I thought so.

02:21 pm

And just to show that my Directional Mojo is still working, when I was parking my car after lunch today a guy drove past a clump of people standing around about thirty yards away, pulled up next to me and waited until I'd finished parallel parking, then motioned for me to roll my window down, whereupon he asked me for directions to the Admin building. :)

04:55 pm


I think I've got the design of the ConDFW 2008 website more-or-less finalized. It took many many hours of banging my head against the desk to accept that I just cannot sort WordPress posts - which is what I'm using to manage the individual guests' bio pages - by anything other than Title or Date. Which means that they're all sorted by the first name now.*

Anyway, plz to be telling me if it goes explodey on your screen - browser & OS would be a help to know. The GoH names near the top do break onto another line if your browser width isn't wide enough, but that's a typical hazard of the Web and not something I'm concerned about. I'm more worried about things that prevent people from getting information or give them misleading information. And I'm way too annoyed with Wordpress's sorting limitations to care about teeny tweaks at the moment. :D

* The con director approved that - she doesn't care as long as there's some sort of organization. If enough people complain, we can hack it to display in last-name order by changing the posting date/time on all of the posts and then sorting by date/time, but I'd rather not have to do that. :)

07:06 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. (estimated) Total: 501.8 From Rivendell: 39.3 mi. Camped in a hollow, heading up a hill.

Still no meter on the bike, so I'm estimating, but I found out it only cost $20, so as soon as I get 'round to ordering it, I'll have a new one. :)

10:09 pm - Manga presentation...?

My coworker is organizing the programming for a one-day conference for one of the districts within the TLA (Texas Library Association) - in other words, basically a mini-library-conference for libraries within North Texas. There are a lot of school and public libraries in this distract (well, as there are in all districts...), and he's asked me to do a one-hour presentation on manga.

The conference isn't until October 6th, so I've got a lot of time to plan. The community college it's being held at has smart classrooms - wired up with all sorts of stuff, so it can be as multimedia as I want, although I'll probably just confine myself to Powerpoint-y type things. :D

So: Imagine that I'll have an audience with a variety of experience with manga. There's bound to be some who know a decent amount about it already, and others who have no idea what this is, only that their patrons are starting to ask for it. What should I talk about and touch on? Any ideas will be helpful, brainstorming is good. :D
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