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a frog the size of texas

July 24th, 2007

10:57 am

rilina is taking nominations for the most emo anime/manga character out there. Go over there and nominate or argue for your favorite emo characters! (one per comment thread, and with spoiler protection, plz.)

12:57 pm

Mostly posting this here so I'll remember it.

If you read Qwan, you'll remember that Qwan has a companion that's a small, headless, six-legged, flying pig/dog thing. I just ran across an ebook in my library called Chinese Bestiary that's a translation of and commentary on a Chinese compendium of pictures of and text about supernatural creatures, and the headless, six-legged, flying pig/dog thing is in it (in fact, on the cover). Here's the translation of the commentary from the book, plus the scholarly commentary on it. I've corrected the OCR errors that I could figure out.

(This is also way more commentary than most of the other entries get.)

Read more...Collapse )

Man, I need a Qwan icon.

03:16 pm - Bookstore run at lunch...

...spoils of war:

Bleach 20
D.Gray-man 6
Hellsing 8
And Immortal Rain 1, solely because the description of it in the crack!poll was too crackalicious to pass up.

Off to a meeting where the topic is: budget. Joy.
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