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a frog the size of texas

July 25th, 2007

12:02 am - Oh LJ never leave me again...

...and naturally I found some really nifty stuff to tell ALL OF YOU shortly after LJ vanished.

Nifty places in or near Kyoto plus a cool photo blog of KyotoCollapse )

Plus, Hellsing brings the CRACK. I mean come on VATICAN SUICIDE BOMBERS. How could you not read a manga that offered that?

11:03 am

Wow, gas explosion in downtown Dallas. 45 minutes away from me, and I don't think anyone I know is working that close to the area, although traffic in Dallas is going to be hell for hours, since two major freeways are shut down.

Utilities explosions in New York, San Francisco, Dallas. You'd think someone had something against infrastructure. :)

12:45 pm - Nifty...

A camera collector often finds old film still in the cameras he buys, so he develops it and posts the lost pictures.

Icon in honor of developing migraine. May go home from work after 1:30 meeting. :P

08:41 pm

rilina is still taking nominations for your most emo anime/manga characters!
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