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a frog the size of texas

July 30th, 2007

09:15 am

Wow, yeah, that auto-transcription was a thing of beauty. Yeah, the basic point is that a thunderstorm took out the ethernet port on my modem, so while my modem thinks that it's getting signal, it's not sending any of that signal to my computer. And that also means that I will probably be a couple of days on getting net access back at home, because I can't take today or Tuesday off of work. :) And I'm not looking forward to getting on the phone with the cable company and doing all the cable swapping that I did last night again. I know that they need to go through the full script with everyone, because so many people who claim they have technical know-how really don't, but aarg! My apartment's cable outlets and plugs and lights are arranged in the least efficient manner ever, so cable-swapping involves a hell of a lot of work.

I had scheduled yesterday to sit down and mail out all the various things that I am way the hell behind on mailing out, so naturally all my bloody addreses are in my email account. I'll be pulling those out today and getting them on my thumb drive, yes. :)

And now I'm all emo because nobody answered the quiz I texted to LJ. :(:(:(

11:23 am - Something reminds me...

...I read (in an f-locked LJ) a post on gender politics that reminded me of a snippet I heard on NPR this morning shortly after my clock radio came on. I don't remember the context because I was barely awake, only that the speaker was Middle Eastern - Iraqi or Iranian - and he was talking about, I think, some sort of violence (well, that's pretty much a given in the area these days). The quote was something like "All the people were killed, and their wives and children."

Reminds me of the passage from an ethnography that one of my anthro professors was fond of quoting: "The entire village rowed away in canoes, and I stayed on the riverbank with the women and children."

05:44 pm - Well...

...I'm off to my WOEFULLY INTERNET-FREE APARTMENT.* Have fun, y'all.

* with a list of addresses dumped from my inbox, although I need to prioritize cleaning the area where the computer is and the area where the modem is over that, so the internet tech guy who will eventually come out can FIND the computer and modem...

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20 min. 3.5 mi (estimated).
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