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a frog the size of texas

August 6th, 2007

04:35 pm - I'm back! Miss me?

Back home from the (grand)parental visit, where I ended up staying in a hotel for three nights. As soon as I reached Mom's house on Friday, Mom came out of the house and told me not to even bother with unloading the car, as the septic tank had finally backed up so we were going to a hotel that night. We did so, then Saturday drove down to Victoria for a visit with the grandparents, then back to Mom's place on Sunday and another night in a local hotel, then I drove back up to Fort Worth today as the septic-tank guy came out to dig up Mom's yard and find the thing. (He'd found it as I left.)

That's a hell of a lot of driving - 3.5 hours Friday and Monday, 3 hour each Saturday and Sunday. I just want to NOT MOVE for a while.

Will eventually catch up on LJ. Eventually.

And now, the LJ meme everyone's doingCollapse )

06:04 pm

OK, got the LJ backed up to http://telophase.insanejournal.com/ with a surprising minimum of fuss: it told me a few times that my password wasn't right, but when I clicked OK, kept transferring. All the friendslocked posts, because I use a custom filter for them, were posted to the 'family' automagic filter on IJ, and it'd be way much of a hassle to go through and reset them all, so even though it looks like there are no f-locked posts there, they're hiding from everyone. It's my backup anyway.

Will get around to requesting JF accounts for those of you who've asked in the next couple of days. :)

10:38 pm

I think I've got back to everyone who requested a Journalfen account. Let me know if I haven't. I also note that over at Journalfen, community creation is currently open to JF users, if you're interested.
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