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a frog the size of texas

August 7th, 2007

02:49 pm

Anyone cleaned up their friendslist using the new friends interface yet? It confuses me, since it shows up with mutual friends and people I watch already checked in the "Friend?" box.

07:05 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. (approx.) Total: 512.3 mi. From Rivendell: 49.8 mi. Crest a hill. Snowcapped peak to east.

08:25 pm - Another insane idea...

...anyone want to write up a SHORT SHORT Bleach story so I can draw a (short!) doujinshi? I wouldn't be able to start real work until after I get back from Japan, however I'd like to start as soon as possible afterwards, since I'll have to be doing other projects near the end of the fall semester.

08:39 pm - Melody of Oblivion

I finished MoO this weekend, thanks to Mom's portable DVD player, and ... wow, that was a misogynistic way to make a point.

My overall rating of the MoO series is: the first 2/3 are full of the good crack, but once you hit the Tokyo Station story arc, stop watching and get someone who's already watched the whole thing to tell you how it ends. There's still some crack, like the Monster Union agent whose mecha is based on a pig and whose battle cry is "VIVA VIVA VIVA VIVA VIVA VIVA!" and the giant mechanical cocktail waitress, but there's also a lot of boring plot happening, as well as the aforementioned misogynistic bit.

And the kid in the donkey costume spotted in the Labyrinth does show up again. :)

Cut for spoilers, for those who want to watch it, and for those who don't careCollapse )
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