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a frog the size of texas

August 10th, 2007

02:43 pm

In checking my magatsu.net stats, interestingly I've got a number of hits from various sites running the script that shows the last X number of images posted to LJ. Hm. No idea why.

Got most of my stuff for the Japan trip done. Am still searching for what to do with the cat while I'm gone. Went to the doctor and now have a prescription for an inhaler for the possible exercise-induced asthma, or the new possible diagnosis, reactive airways, which is short for 'You cough a lot and have breathing difficulties at times and we have no idea why but here, have an inhaler anyway.' And an admonition to see if my coughing gets worse in polluted areas or not, and to come back and tell her.

Must clean apartment this weekend, as this will be the last chance to do so until after I get back.
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