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a frog the size of texas

August 11th, 2007

10:31 am - Bad news and good news...

Bad news: I have now thoroughly established that if wheat or gluten is a migraine rigger for me, it is certainly not the only migraine trigger. Ow. Am hoping legumes are not a trigger - I've eaten a lot of black bean salsa in the past two days and have a lot left over to eat. :/

Good news: There will be a total lunar eclipse visible over large parts of Asia, the Pacific, and the Americas the night of August 28th, which is one of the nights that rachelmanija and I will be in Koyasan, on top of a mountain, in a small quiet town with no nightlife. Provided it's not clouded over, the view should be great. And early, too: it'll be at moonrise on that side of the Pacific. You people over here in the Americas right now will have to get up early early to watch it - the midpoint of the eclipse occurs about 5:30 AM Central time.

12:00 pm

Definitely a migraine. One of the reasons I don't always take my Relpax when I've got a migraine is that I'm not always sure I've got one - my bad tension headaches feel exactly the same as milder migraines, and the only difference is which drug works. Which is why I sort of welcome the migraines that show up with nausea associated, because I can be assured they're true migraines and not tension headaches.

So today marks the third time that not only did I have nausea, I've thrown up from a migraine. I do feel much better - the Relpax stayed in my system long enough to give relief from the pain, and now that breakfast is gone, my stomach is so much happier.

Cut for TMI about BARFCollapse )

02:49 pm

I've got the migraine/triptan hangover right now - allover blah, exhausted, and apathetic feeling, along with pressure in my head (not real pan, just pressure). Plus a raging case of cabin fever. This is not a good combination. :/

I do have $10 in Borders Bucks to spend before august 31st, plus Fruits Basket 17 is out, but ... the closest Borders in a minimum 25 minute drive away, and no matter how much cabin fever I've got, that's too damn long. I guess I'll just go to the grocery store and come back. I could get more of that gluten-free pasta and make Tuna Helper with it. XD

Of course this means I have to actually get out of my pajamas and put on real clothing and that may be asking way too much. Just the effort of thinking about it makes me want to nap.

03:23 pm

Decided to watch one of my Netflix movies while I worked out exactly what I wanted to do. Well, for values of "watch" that include "fall asleep ten minutes into," I suspect. I've got a Thai horror film, a Thai film about a male GLBT volleyball team, and a documentary on magic by Penn & Teller. THE INTERNETS MUST SPEAK. and be totally ignored

Which one should I watch first?

I'm running out of silly questions to ask in polls. Ideas?


10:24 pm

I have achieved steak. And not only steak, I have steak soup. How totally awesome is that?

I'm still feeling the aftereffects of the migraine, but after a four-hour nap on the couch, I woke with a raging desire for steak that overwhelmed everything else, so I got a steak (and steak soup!) to go from the Texas Land & Cattle Steakhouse near Six Flags (Yes, I live five miles from Six Flags).

Mmmmmmmm. Steeeeak.
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