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a frog the size of texas

August 13th, 2007

12:47 pm - PBR, Spindrift...

OK, I just spent my lunch hour at the post office getting all the Spindrift and PBR books out and I have NO IDEA why none of you on the f-list who ordered it hadn't been bitching at me to get them out. My index finger has no feeling because I spent most of that time punching the screen on the APC machine sending out the domestic packages, because the Post Office, in its infinite wisdom, scheduled only one employee, who was either having a horrible allergy attack or was a cokehead, because he kept sniffing and occasionally having to leave the area to blow his nose, or so he said. And thus there was a line of ten to fifteen people the entire time. I took pity on them and only mailed the international packages at the counter, and sent the domestic ones from the machine.

And in other news, Gin Ichimaru did not show up in my dreams last night*, but Renji did. We were part of a large group of people inexplicably dressed in Victorian clothing going to a movie in a theatre that had metal folding chairs. I had a zanpakuto, but I'd forgotten its name and spent most of the dream trying to remember it. It shot flames out, but I know that was borrowed from the episode of Bleach I'd seen earlier in the day, from the Bount arc, with the doll that shoots flames. If you've seen it, you'll know.

* Honestly, what's with that? I almost never dream of anime characters. Not that I'm complaining, because it's a nice change from the usual round of anxiety dreams or weird, formless, inchoate stuff.

02:37 pm - Fanart meme!

Stolen from the_z - if you want to join in over on her version of the meme, go here and request away. I'm changing it a wee bit, to suit me (time!) needs.

Five (5) people who leave a comment will be chosen at random. This post will be left up for a day so it's not just first come, first served. [Since I want to start tonight, I'm leaving it open until 6 PM Central time. Feel free to post requests after then, but they'll go into my General Inspiration File and not be part of this] I'll determine chosen requests by a roll of the dice. I will post the fandoms for which I am willing to draw and will only honor requests from those categories. Here's the twist, if you get a picture from me, I want a picture from you. Even if you're not an artist, I want to see an image (by my request) from the same fandom you've requested. These images must be hosted on your own webspace. If you don't have means to scan images, you can draw on the Magatsu.net Oekaki. All images will be posted as comments, so check back if you're interested. You may post this on your own journal.

Feel free to suggest more than just the character - a pose, situation, etc. or prompt would be nice. :D

Relevant Fandoms:

Final Fantasy VII, Advent Children, Cowboy Bebop, Qwan, Bleach, Saiyuki, Saiyuki Gaiden, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Death Note, Non-Disney Kingdom Hearts, Okami (er, from the first two sections because I haven't finished the third and there's at least one spoilery character in the last section I don't want to know more about until I play), Samurai Deeper Kyo, Princess Tutu, Blade of the Immortal, Rurouni Kenshin, xxxHolic, Fullmetal Alchemist, Mushishi

NOTE: These will be more on the order of oekaki or quick, messy sketches, rather than fully rendered nice pieces. :)


ETA Requests for the meme are closed! If you post anything after this, it'll all go into my General Inspiration File and may or may not see the light of day, but I'm only using the currently-posted requests for the random drawing.

04:30 pm

The fanart meme I posted a little while ago is humming along madly gathering suggestions. I'll be true to my word and pick them randomly, but there's a couple that I hope are picked because I've already got an image in my head for them. XD If they don't get picked, they may show up the next time I need to do an art blitz for a con.

And I didn't make it clear on the original post: the art you do in return can even be stick figures, if you're not an artist. I got no problems with that. XD

ETA: vom_marlowe and nightambre have picked up the meme as well, here and here, respectively.

05:43 pm

20 min. 3.5 mi. Total: 515.8 From Rivendell: 53.1 mi. Cold and windy. Camped.

Have been lapsing on the biking lately. Still losing a little bit of weight - 3 pounds in the last month or so - mostly because I'm still watching how much I'm eating. I probably won't really be back in the habit until after I return from Japan, but after walking all sorts of places every day ... well, I damn well ought to be in the habit of exercise after that. :)

06:50 pm - Random numbers picked!

OK, so I didn't actually roll a die, instead I found a random number generator online and had it choose 5 numbers between 1 and 15, then realized that I had to do it again because there were 16 requests, did it again, then realized I had to do it again because I'd misnumbered and there really were only 15, then decided I didn't like that generator because 14 showed up as the first number every single time I generated something, and found another one and generated the correct number from the correct range of numbers.

Cut for the winning requests!Collapse )

Will get started on these ... uh, soon. Dinner first! I must have dinner first!

07:19 pm - Because rachelmanija wanted it...

Book poll. rachelmanija posted a book poll in her LJ of what to take to Japan, and told me to do the same. Well, uh. I don't have that many, because I don't have a whole lot of books that are all (a) unread and (b) paperback and (c) not actively turning me off. (I mean, really: if it's remained unread over a year, it's probably not going to get read.)

So, a poll of books that I put together by going through my shelves and pulling out unread paperbacks that weren't actively repulsing me. There are a couple that are definitely coming no matter what you-all say, anything rachelmanija picks will be weighted, and I've actually got a ton of podcasts and a few audiobooks stored on my iPod, so will be "reading" those. :)

Which books to bring to Japan?

Armor, John Steakley
A Game of Thrones, Geaorge R. R. Martin
Women of the Mito Domain: Recollections of Samurai Family Life, Yamakawa Kikue
Winter Holiday, Arthur Ransome
Cast in Shadow, Michelle Sagara
Japanese Inn, Oliver Statler
What's Bred in the Bone, Robertson Davies
Zod Wallop, William Browning Spencer
The Dirty Dozen, E. M. Nathanson
The Dragon Waiting, John M. Ford
Shanks Mare: Japans Great Comic Novel of Travel & Ribaldry, Ikku Jippensha, provided I can find where I put the damn thing

11:03 pm - The first one!

Yeah, I know the meme says that I'll post them in the comments. WELL I AM NOT A NUMBER! I am not to be dictated to by some meme! I'll post the pictures where I damn well want!

For vom_marlowe

Konzen. Sunflowers and liminal light; jewels and braids; bonds and bare feet.Collapse )

I'm going to wait on giving prompts, etc. until I post the picture, just in case Real Life intervenes and I don't get to it - that's only fair, I think. No time limit on them, either. :)

11:54 pm - Bleach 72

So I'm watching Bleach 72, part of the dire Bount arc,* and the gang is running around a hospital trying to escape from the current baddies, and ... they wait for the frickin' elevator. I mean, really, one would think Japanese hospitals didn't have stairs. Or maybe each time someone else is added to the ensemble it lowers the collective IQ by twenty points. (At this point in time, there are ... *counts* ten beings of one type or another in this group.)

* Think of Bleach fanfic written by someone who doesn't quite get the concept of Bleach, but who does know how to write a generic by-the-numbers shounen series. It's got its high points, though: Hanataro in a convenience store, for one.
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