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a frog the size of texas

August 14th, 2007

12:29 am - Bleach 72 again...

Cut, for God only knows what reason, because the plotting on this thing is comparable to Saiyuki Reload and Gunlock.

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I swear, at some point I'm going to start doing Gunlock-type summaries of some of these eps.

05:49 pm

I'm home and settling in to watch more Bleach and entertain the cat before starting to clean this pigsty I'm currently inhabiting, and as I'm watching a bad guy set his attack ... mechanical thingy to assembling itself in dramatic fashion before it attacks the good guys, I am yet again driven to wonder why, in anime, nobody ever takes the 10 or so seconds it takes for the bad guy to power up/assemble/explain his diabolical plot in detail to just take the offensive and bloody attack?

If I ever make an anime, you can bet my heroes won't stand around gaping while that's going on without a damn good reason.
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