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a frog the size of texas

August 25th, 2007

09:45 am

Second day in Japan long and painful. Painful because unfortunately I got a migraine. :P We went to a department store and walked around a lot. In the evening, met m00nface, her boyfriend, and two of their friends for dinner in Shinjuku - okonomiyaki - and then went to a dessert place in Shibuya. Then we went home and grabbed a taxi from the train station closest to the hotel to the hotel because it was absolutely storming. :)

Today ... who knows? Hopefully I'll take my camera with me - I didn't yesterday because I was tired and cranky and in pain and didn't want to haul the damn thing around.

(Yeah, yeah, short updates. I'm on a terminal in the lobby of the New Koyo hotel and other people tend to want to get on it as well. :D)

Also check rachelmanija's LJ for her periodic updates.
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