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a frog the size of texas

September 2nd, 2007

10:22 am

I've managed to grab time on the computer at the New Koyo this morning to update. Let's see if I actually remember all we've done.

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09:48 pm - HEEEEY!

All you people who comment on my Japan posts saying that you SEETHE with ENVY about my adventures in Japan? Well GUESS WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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10:05 pm - Today's report

OK, after the squeeing of my last post, I'll give a better report of the day. Rachel and I started slow, going to the Cafe Colarado nearby for lunch (er, we got up late), where lives the Cappucino Nazi, who declares that Racxhel can ONLY stir her cappucino with a cinnamon stick, and not a spoon. But it's good cappucino.

Then we did laundry, and attempted to find the Japanese equivalent of an Ace bandage at a pharmacy since my ankle is still hurting. We failed, finding athletic tape instead. Ah well.

Then in the afternoon we headed out for Good Day Books, and English-language used bookstore. Afterwards, we met sho_sunaga and bravecows at Shibuya, near the statue of the loyal dog Hachiko, thus engaging in a Tokyo tradition shared by millions of other people. The Hachiko experience is to join a bunch of lots and lots of people milling about the statue, cellphones to ears, shouting "Are you here? I'm here! You need to move thirty meters west! What? You're there? I don't see you!!"

We then went to Book First, a six-story bookstore and pored over manga. (chomiji, can you give me (a) the name of Samurai Deeper Kyo in Japanese and (b) the name of the publishing company who prints the tankoubons?) Then we went to Mandarake and dropped lots of money on doujinshi and OH YEAH THAT THING I MENTIONED IN MY PREVIOUS POST BOO-YAH!

After that we went to an izakaya and geeked the hell out over lots of things, trading stories of how we got into fandom and recommending books to each other and probably horrifying anyone nearby with our loudness, especially if they understood enough English to catch the words GAY PORN.

And lastly, we're now in a manga kissa (manga cafe), online and posting to LJ, enjoying free (non-alcoholic) drinks and ice cream. And if we wanted to read manga, we could, but we're all posting to LJ now because we are all GEEKS.

(ETA: Go read rachelmanija's report of the day!)
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