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a frog the size of texas

September 6th, 2007

03:01 pm - On the Nakasendo Road in Geta

So we're finally back in civilization again (which is not necessarily a good thing), in Nagoya, after our two nights along the Nakasendo Road in the post-town of Magome.
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03:07 pm

P.S. Photos of Rachel in her Harajuku outfit here.

03:30 pm - Oh yeah...

rachelmanija has an announcement about a doujinshi project she and I are going to start as soon as we return from Japan... :D


03:59 pm - And one more thing...

Turns out I was allergic to my sunblock - it made my chest all red and blotchy and covered with teeny bubble-like blisters. So I threw it away. Which means that my chest is now nicely lobster-like in color, as yesterday in Tsumage was SUNNYSUNNYSUNNY. I borrowed Rachel's sunblock today, and it seems I am not allergic to it, and the sunburn is fading a wee bit, but I fear I look like a red traffic light from a distance.

And, so Rachel doesn't yell at me for not talking about food: today for lunch we dropped into a restaurant in Nagoya that had tempura on its menu, and what we ended up with was a classic Japanese dish that Rachel says is sort of hard to find: you get a bowl of rice with nori and something else (we picked salmon), and a small container of tea. You pour the tea over the rice, and eat it that way. It was also accompanied by some of the best tempura we've had yet.

04:08 pm

We all of a sudden experienced a slowdown on the Internet in the manga cafe we're posting from, and I calculated it was just about exactly the time the US was waking up and getting online.


Anyway, if you haven:t been reading rachelmanija's accounts of our Japan trip, then you really should because we usually remember completely different things about our experiences. Her account of our time at the Tajimaya dancing in the street is here: http://rachelmanija.livejournal.com/509601.html
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